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The Awe Inspiring F-35 Lightning at the RIAT 2018

Hundreds of spectators stopped dead in their tracks awe-stricken by an alien spaceship-looking thing that was literally floating over their heads. Turns out it was no spacecraft. It was the international airshow debut of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II. The world’s most advanced fighter jet performed a long-awaited flyby on Saturday at England’s Royal International Air Tattoo show being held from 13-15 July, 2018 at Fairford, England.

F-35 Lightning

In a spectacular fly-by, after flying across the field, the F-35 Lightening II slowed down, approached the crowd and came to a hovering stop. Its engine is designed to swivel downward and now it pointed down 90 degrees — blasting 18,000 pounds of thrust at the ground, keeping the plane in the air. The pilot slowly spun the aircraft in place in a complete 360-degree turn. The F-35B then floated higher, pointed its nose toward the southwest and began moving forward while retracting its landing gear.

Gaining speed, within a few seconds the jet was gone. The F-35 Lightning appearance would be remembered by as one of the most awe-inspiring and “wow” moment of the show. Kudos to Lockheed for designing such a marvel!

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