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In 1980, American Special Forces made an attempt to rescue the 53 hostages from the Iranian Revolutionary regime by executing Operation Eagle Claw; which ended with fatal results. For re-attempting to achieve the goals of Operation Eagle Claw; Americans planned another mission by the name of Operation Credible Sport. It was a master piece by itself, for employing a transport aircraft like C-130 in the role of a STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft.

Operation Credible Sport


Operation Eagle Claw fatal results

Operation Credible Sport

Operation Credible Sport STOL Configuration

Operation Eagle Claw Participants

Concept of Operation Credible sport

USA Defense Department (Pentagon) was much eager to achieve the results of Failed mission of Operation Eagle Claw by re attempting Now this time they planned some thing Unique and they not only planed but rehearsed the Plan several time.

Operation Credible Sport was actually to utilize a military aircraft like C-130  transport carrier in the role of a STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing).Now how this role is achieved by employing C-130 with some changing in the fuselage which could be helpful in achieving the role of both Short takeoff and Short Landing of C-130 they used Rocket Engines in different Tactical fuselage location by changing the Aerodynamic characteristics of C-130.

Operation Credible Sport

   The role of a Short Takeoff

Operation Credible Sport

The role of a Short Landing

Failed Rehearsed attempt of Operation Credible sport

Everything was going right in the Exercise but That day was not the day for Operation Credible Sport The role of STOL was rehearsed but one hard landing was so fatal that it ended on destruction of a masterpiece .

Final legacy of Areal  unique Operation at Robinson Air Base


Both Operation Eagle Claw and Operation Credible sport  are having many lessons for military planner as well as for the use of some specific equipment for only that specific purpose and at the end each and every corner of a plan has its importance.Although operation Credible Sport was never launched into the practical phase but it suffered  a big loss in the rehearsed phase Which was shocking.Hostage issue was solved through diplomatic measures.

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