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Formation of Seven RAAF C-130s Buzz Over Sydney Harbour

People from Sydney were delighted to see seven RAAF C-130s fly-past over the harbour and the city’s outskirts to mark the 75th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force’s No.37 squadron.

The C-130J Hercules transport aircraft flew over the harbour about 1pm on Friday 13 July, 2018, before they headed west over RAAF bases in Glenbrook and Richmond.

RAAF C-130s
Six RAAf C-130J aircraft of No. 37 Sqn flying in formation marking the 75th Anniversary of the Squadron

Commanding Officer of No. 37 Squadron Matt Cooper said the fly-over was partly to say ‘thank you’ to Sydney for its continued support of personnel and their families over the years.

“It’s a rare occasion that we’re able to have six aircraft together to fly this formation,” Wing Commander Cooper said in a statement.

Present among the crew members flying the formation of six C-130s was the beautiful female pilot Flight Lieutenant Nina Carpenter. She is one of a handful of Australian female pilots inspiring the next generation of cadets to reach for the sky.

Flight Lieutenant Nina Carpenter of No. 37 Sqn RAAF
Squadron Leader Jerome Appleby and Flight Lieutenant Nina Carpenter at the controls of a C-130J Hercules, with a six-ship Hercules in formation, pitching over RAAF Base Richmond ahead of them.

The No. 37 Squadron was formed on 15 July 1943, at RAAF Base Laverton, Victoria. Since then, it has provided medium tactical airlift for the Australian Defence Force across the globe.

Since 1966, the Squadron has operated from RAAF Base Richmond, New South Wales, predominantly flying different models of the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

No. 37 Squadron is currently tasked with airlift in Australia and overseas, transporting troops and cargo, and conducting medical evacuation, search-and-rescue, and airdrop missions. It is controlled by No. 84 Wing, which is part of Air Mobility Group.

The squadron has a fleet of 12 planes, including two on deployment in the Middle East. Crews have been involved in disaster relief missions including Cyclone Tracy, the Bali Bombings and the Boxing Day Tsunami.

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